Marine Electronics

We are main authorised service dealers for the Navico range of products which include Lowrance, Simrad, B&G and GoFree. We also supply and install electronic systems from some of the worlds leading manufacturers including Raymarine, Garmin, Icom, Digital Yacht, Actisense, Comar, Fusion.

Boat Wiring and schematics

We carry out everything from the addition of a single switch to a complete rewire. Whether it is rewiring an old vessel or a completely new wiring system, we plan and install to your requirements. We offer advice and support throughout the process and carry out a full CAD wiring schematic for you to keep with your boat documents. These can be updated as and when additions or changes are made to your wiring circuits in the future.

Marine Antennas

We supply and install quality marine antenna systems from some of the world’s leading antenna manufacturers including V-Tronix and Glomex. HF, VHF, AIS, AM/FM, Wi-Fi, TV and Satellite TV.

V-Tronix™ have earned a well-deserved reputation in producing high quality marine antenna systems for the European market.  Shakespeare V-Tronix™ manufacture a wide diverse range of antennas to suit boats from the smallest RIB to the largest superyacht.

Glomex are an Italian Company who offer a lifetime warranty on many of their products. Glomex manufacture antennas for the marine sector and compliment these with a wide range of mounts and accessories including Electronic Ground plates and copper band.

Wind Generators

Marlec are a British company who have a long pedigree of producing high quality wind and solar products for the marine market and complimenting their established Rutland 914i wind charger is the new flagship Rutland 1200 which can produce up to 480 watts of power with a very low wind speed start up, has electronic high wind current limiting and a new hybrid MPPT regulator with dual battery bank charging capabilities.



Tested in wind speeds of 122kph these Portuguese/German wind chargers have permanent magnet 3 phase AC generators and are available in 12volt, 24volt and 48volt and carry a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. They come with an advanced hybrid wind/solar regulator.

Solar Power

We fit rigid and semi flexible Solar panels supplied by Marlec, Solbian, Victron. Semi flexible panels are ideal for clipping or zipping on to canvas biminis and dodgers. Solbian semi flexible panels are extremely thin and can be produced with an adhesive backing and underside solder tag connections for a very unobtrusive aesthetic installation.

Cable, Wiring

We use only quality marine grade tinned cables supplied by Ocean-Flex,  both single core and multi-core, as well as flexible marine grade tinned battery cabling, for all our installations.

In harsh environments low voltage copper cables corrode over time, the copper oxidises turning black and in salt water environments copper forms a carbonate layer (turquoise). Both these elements cause the cable to have a decreased electrical conductivity. Eventually the cable weakens and causes electrical faults and failures.

OCEANFLEX® has been specifically designed to combat these problems. The copper conductors have been tin plated so that they are highly resistant to corrosion over short or long periods of time. Whether caused by moisture, water or salt water. Therefore OCEANFLEX® cables have a much greater life span compared to standard cables, which means lower repair/maintenance costs and less down time due to electrical faults and failures.


We can supply most makes of battery whether it be a maintenance free wet cell, Traction, AGM or Gel. We offer batteries from various manufacturers including Varta, Numax, Trojan, Rolls, Sonnenschein, Victron, Optima, Mastervolt and Oddysey.

Alternators and advanced charging systems.

Standard alternators are inherently poor charging devices when coupled to a domestic service bank of batteries and used in a marine environment. We supply and fit advanced alternator regulators and charge controllers supplied by Adverc and Sterling which take over the charging control from the standard internal regulator on your alternator. These advanced regulators ensure that your batteries are charged fully, safely at a higher rate and quickly cutting down on engine running hours and extending the life of your batteries.

We also supply and install small case high output alternators from Balmar and Mastervolt.

Battery Chargers, Inverters.

The beating heart of your marine onboard electrical systems. A well maintained and charged bank of batteries will give many years of trouble free service. To this end we ensure that the equipment we supply and install is of the highest quality. We supply and install marine battery chargers, inverters and DCDC converters from Mastervolt, Victron, and Sterling Power Products.

AC systems and Galvanic Isolators.

We install AC systems from a single socket to a complete mains circuit on the boat. Many marine AC systems have no protection from shore based stray current. We supply and fit Galvanic Isolators supplied by Victron to ensure your craft stays safe from damaging shore borne electrolytic currents. We install Furion and Marinco Marine products which are built to last and withstand the harsh marine environment.

Fault Diagnostics

All boat wiring is NOT the same. Every boat large or small has a different electrical schematic. We love a challenge and over the years have learnt to get to the source of your problems fast. We carry out in depth investigations into any faults in your electrical and electronic circuits. Most faults can be quickly diagnosed and rectified. We have over25 years of experience in marine Electrical and Electronic systems fault finding. Marine Electrics and Electronics continue to develop at an alarming rate and we pride ourselves in being able to keep abreast of any changes and up to date with the latest technologies.

Bow thrusters, Anchour windlasses and Sheet winches.

We supply and install Bowthrusters, Anchour Windlasses and Sheet winches from various manufactures, typically Lewmar, Sliepner and Vetus.

Switch Panels

We can custom build your new switch panel from scratch to your specific requirements. We also supply manufactured panels from Bluesea Systems, BEP marine and many others.